As a basic commodity in textile industry, various yarn types are being produced and invented every day. From 100% fiber to different blends, from cotton to special fibers, yarn range is getting longer all the times. To cater these increasing demands, we can source yarn from Pakistan, India, China and other countries for all parts of the globe.

Yarn Portfolio





Ring Spun

Open End

Slub Yarn

Stretch Yarn


Blended Yarn (Poly Cotton)

Plied Yarn (TFO)


7/1 to 16/1

6/1 to 120/1

6/1 to 12/1

6/1 to 20/1

10/1 to 50/1

10/1 to 40/1

10/1 to 60/1


8/2 to 40/2


  • Ring Spun

    Ring Spun is undoubtedly mostly used yarn type in textile manufacturing. From carded, combed to compact, full range of ring spun yarn can be provided in very wide range of counts.

    Yarn counts can be offered with 100% cotton fiber as well as various blends yarn with other fibers like, polyester cotton, bamboo cotton etc.

    Made with different types of cotton like Pak, Shankar 6, pima, supima, Giza, etc, we can offer regular cotton, contamination free and organic cotton yarn as per customer’s needs.


  • Open End

    Mostly used in Apparel and towels, OE yarn has its own market. From the expert producers in India and Pakistan, Open End yarn is sourced at very competitive prices with very decent quality in its category.


  • SIRO Yarn

    Not too ancient in the history of textile, SIRO yarn has gained its popularity and share in the textile market within a very short span of time. We can provide SIRO yarn from counts range of 6/1 to 16/1

  • Slub Yarn

    Mostly popular in Fashion industry and apparels, Slub yarn is very commonly used in today’s textile world. We offer good range of counts with very good quality to our consumers for the fulfillment of their modern requirements.

Count Range

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